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Locations Around Barovia

The Village of Barovia
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E3- Town Square

E4- Bildrath’s Mercantile: Sparse light gleams from gaps in the boarded up windows of this building. A sign over the door creaks on its hinges, proclaiming “Bildrath’s Mercantile.”

E5- Blood of the Vine Tavern: A mutter of voices, a clatter of dishware, and the squeal of a poorly played wind instrument usher from this rambling building. A sign hanging precariously askew reads "Blood on the Vine Tavern.’’ A thin skein of smoke curls up from a wide chimney.

E7- Church: A gray, sagging edifice of stone and wood standsatop a slight rise, on the very roots of the greatpillars tone of the omnipresent castle. Light flickersthrough holes burned through the roof shingles, and the sound of hoarse chanting is audible within.

E8- Cemetary: Stone slabs, mostly simple square markers in the earth, dot the manicured grass that grows at the foot of the great crag. The omnipresent mist encircles the cemetery but seems unwilling to penetrate its heart

E10- Mad Mary’s Townhouse: A moaning sob floats through the still, gray streets, hoarse and drained of hope. The sound issues from a darkened, two-story building.

E11- Burgomaster’s Home: An aged and dilapidated mansion squats behind a rusting iron fence, but the gates have been twisted open-one lies torn from its hinges, while the other swings crazily in the wind, screeching and clanging with mindless repetition. The house beyond is
marked by claws, fires, and ominous stains. Every window is boarded, every door barricaded.

The Crossroads- An old wooden gallows creaks i n a chill windblowing down from the high ground to the west. A frayed length of rope dances from its beam. The well-worn road splits here, and a signpost opposite the gallows points off in three directions: “Barovia” to the east, “Tser Pool” to the north, and “Castle Ravenloft” to the west. Across from the gallows, a low wall, crumbling in places, partially encloses a small plot of graves-presumably housing those
who died at the end of that rope.

Tser Pool- The canopy of mist and branches overhead suddenly gives way to open sky-though the sky is black with rolling storm clouds. A circle of colorful wagons and a scattering of tents are ranged around a dancing bonfire, and a handful of men and women in colorful garb sit quietly near the wagons. Beyond this camp, a small lake reflects the angry sky overhead.

Tser Falls- Draped in a cloak of mist, a beautiful waterfall plummets over a high cliff carved from the shoulders of the mountains. Far above, a bridge crosses over the river at what seems to be a dizzying height.

Svalich Woods- Towering trees, their tops lost in heavygray mist, allow only dim shafts of light to reach the dusky forestfloor. Moss-covered trunks form a living labyrinth. The woods have the silence of a forgotten grave-until the wolves begin to howl.

Ivlis Marsh- At the lowest point of the valley, the river Ivlis stretches wide and seems to take over the land. Patches of dead-gray reeds and small strands of moss-hung trees replace the dense forest, and pools of murky water attract clouds of insects. Perhaps a quarter of a mile into this marsh, you can just make our the silhouettes of broken stone walls.

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