Experience Points


Level 6 beginning XP- 15,000

Session I

Zombie Street Ambush- 450xp
Zombie Street Encounter- 675xp
Zombies in Town Square- 900xp
Ghoul Foray- 675xp
Infested Building- 675xp
Church- 900xp
Church Understory- 1350xp

Session II

Ghoul Grave- 1350xp, PCs level up to 7
Crossroads- 788xp
Tser Falls Approach- 788xp
Varikov’s Cave- 788xp
Bloodmotes- 788xp
Swamp Fane- 1050xp

Session III

Elf Ambush- 525xp
Werewolf Attack- 788xp
The Forest Fane- 788xp
Kavan the Grim- 525xp, PCs level up to 8
The Ecaterine Husk- 1050xp
The Mountain Fane- 788xp

Experience Points

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft Dungeon_Dexter