Tome of Strahd


I have learned much, too, about this land of Barovia. Ancient are its ways, ancient beyond the knowledge of the simple folk of the valley. I have walked the ancient ways, secret roads linking three fanes of might, and thus I have become the Land.

Three ancient saints dwelt in this valley long before my coming, and three hidden fanes still give tribute to their memories. I visited the Swamp Fane, the Forest Fane, and the Mountain Fane, and claimed their power for my own. Thus I solidified my grasp on this grim shadow of life.

I made the fanes my own, and I have become the land. Also I made the fane-servants my own, and they now serve me as they once served the saints of the fanes.


The Tome of Strahd is a journal kept by the master of Castle Ravenloft, perhaps detailing his weaknesses. Madam Eva may have some information.

Tome of Strahd

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