Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Session III


The PCs depart from Ivlis Marsh, now in possession of the tooth of Saint Bogdan. Lannyk leads them into Svalich Woods, allowing no delay in their search for the Forest Fane. Early into the venture they come across an elven man, who draws his bow and asks what they are doing in his woods. The party draws closer to explain, but are ambushed by a pair of werewolves. The party lays low the lycanthropes, but not before Laanyk is bitten. It has yet to be seen whether or not his pendant of good health will quell the infection. The next full moon is in five days time.

As the party travels further into Svalich Woods they are set upon by more werewolves. Even though they manage to kill the beasts quickly, both Feralass and Tippy are bitten and infected. The party recovers several potions from the werewolves…but none of them will help with the infection.

Shortly afterward Laanyk leads the party to the Forest Fane, not far from Tser Pool. A hill giant and two ogre minions charge in as the PCs move toward the runic circle. The party takes a beating from the monsters, but triumphs and digs from underneath the runestone a lock of hair that once belonged to Saint Markovia. The runestone snaps at the top, leaving an Ioun stone of Charisma +2.

100537Injured and diseased, the party decides to return to Barovia and rest. When they arrive at the church a grim figure bars their way. Obviously waiting for them, Kavan the Grim draws his sword and attacks in a raging fury. Darmian steps forward and presents his holy symbol. Kavan tries to turn to mist and flee, but Lathander’s blessing of the sun vaporizes the vampire before he can escape, utterly destroying him.

The PCs enter the church and are greeted by Ashlyn and Gevyen Tallmer, both of which noting the party looks like they have been through hell. Gevyen is overjoyed when the party presents the Sunsword and the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, though the items have no holy power left in them. The PCs tell Gevyen that Madam Eva told them the relics must be, “awoken,” in particular locations within Castle Ravenloft.

The party then asks what kind of options they have for dealing with their lycanthropic affliction. Gevyen tells the PCs there is no cleric powerful enough in Barovia to break the curse, and that escape from the region of Barovia seems impossible because of an eerie mist that surrounds the area. After resting the PCs test the borders of the land in an attempt to break through the mist. To no avail.

Caller in darkness by wayne reynolds
With seemingly no other options the party heads north toward Lysaga Hill, likely the location of the Mountain Fane. They arrive to find a crumbled tower, obviously a husk of what it once was. In the center floats a mass of tortured souls, the Caller in Darkness. After draining the life essence of Tippy, Darmian restores his brother’s health and the PCs defeat the abomination. Lannyk discovers a trap door with a 50’ ladder leading down into the unforgiving dark.

At the bottom the party is greeted by a pair of babau demons. The abyssmal fiends fight ferociously to defend the Mountain Fane, but eventually fall to the PCs. Again the PCs dig underneath the runic circle to find a small reliquary box containing the powdered bones of Saint Ecaterina. The PCs step back as they see the tooth, hair and powered bone converge into a dark form…

Experience Points




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